The great
shirt guide

There’s a shirt for every eventuality at T.M.Lewin. Read the rules of sartorial perfection here…

What’s in a great shirt? ‘It’s simple,’ you might be tempted to say. ‘A good fit, fabric and press are all you need.’ For the average man, perhaps. But if you’re serious about style, an altogether more refined approach is needed, understanding a whole host of occasions and the appropriate shirt for each.

Now this might sound daunting, but don’t be put off – as ever, we’ve got your back. We set up shop in Jermyn Street – home of London’s finest shirtmakers – in 1898, so it’s fair to say we know our button-ups from our buttondowns. Here we share some of that time-tested wisdom to help you find the perfect shirt for every moment.

Rule No. 9

Stay immaculate.
Wear a T.M.Lewin non-iron shirt.

End the day as sharply as you started it in our pure cotton non-iron shirt. It takes all the best of our regular shirts – the style, fine finish and soft touch – and adds a just-pressed effect that withstands the demands of working life.

For a sleek, modern look, opt for our new non-iron smart style. It features a more contemporary cut and contrast trim detailing around the neck and inner placket.

Another new arrival is our non-iron poplin shirt, the first non-iron we’ve made in this material. Soft and light, though no less resilient to creasing, it just goes to show that sometimes you can have the best of both worlds.

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Rule No. 4

For Premium shirts you go to the
home of British shirtmaking.

Nothing looks better than a crisp button-up with a visibly lustrous finish, as evidenced by our premium shirt collection. These shirts are made from our finest fabrics, including pure Egyptian cottons, which feel silky-soft against the skin.

Rich plain colours, elegant prints, bold stripes. With a range of styles, and three fits, 10 collar and two cuff options, there’s plenty of scope to make this your new favourite shirt.

The premium look and feel lends itself well to making a powerful impression in the boardroom. Pair with one of our Italian wool suits for the ultimate luxury effect.

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Rule No. 42

Go formal.
Go Poplin.

Poplin is a classic formal option. A fine thread and tight weave make the fabric smooth and lightweight – well suited to the warmer months and dressier occasions.

An elegant sheen gives it a seriously sharp character, which is ideal for high-impact officewear and formal events alike. With its breathability and naturally crisp finish, a poplin shirt works just as well with or without a jacket.

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Rule No.31

The more successful you become,
the more casual you can be.

As office dresscodes continue to evolve, now is a great time to experiment with a looser style. And with a smart yet laidback look, equally suited to work and leisure, our business casual shirts are the perfect place to start.

The buttondown Oxford is a timeless style and the high-water mark of versatility. Dress it up with a jacket on smarter occasions or wear with your favourite chinos when it’s time to unwind.

Alternatively, button up one of our brushed-cotton check shirts. With material this soft, you’re bound to feel relaxed. And with our distinctive check designs, you’ll look effortlessly stylish all the while.

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Rule No. 22

Diamond, square and spot weaves.
Spot On.

A textured weave shirt acts as a subtle note of refinement. It retains the quiet confidence of a plain colour but adds depth and interest to the shirt’s surface.

For spring, our traditional styles, such as herringbone, are joined by new diamond, square and spot weaves. The diamond weave in particular comes in a super-fine Egyptian cotton that’s comfortingly light for the summer months.

This style is ideal for transitional moments. Wear it beneath a suit for office elegance by day, then ditch the jacket and dress it down as you let off steam at the bar in the evening.

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Rule No. 8

Real men wear 5% Lycra.

After sweating it out in the gym, you don’t want all your hard work to go unnoticed. Our new stretch shirt collection is perfect if you’re looking for a shirt that highlights your physique.

It has been developed to offer the utmost performance, with no loss of comfort. The super-fitted cut is designed to flatter your body shape, with extra stretch for ease of movement.

All of this comes with no compromise on quality. Our stretch shirts are made from technical fabrics, which are highly durable and hold their shape through long wear.

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